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Saturday, May 25, 2019 


Item Number: Smallville29alt
Description: Smallville Magazine issue 29 variant Aquaman
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Smallville Magazine 29

100-page new season special
The latest issue of Smallville Magazine features sensational interviews with the show's cast and crew, as thoughts and expectations about the new season of Smallville are revealed. Check out this page for more information about interviews with Alaina Huffman (BLACK CANARY), Alan Ritchson (AQUAMAN) and many more, plus the lowdown on all the latest issue’s features and articles.

Aquaman resurfaces
Despite brawling during their first encounter, ARTHUR “AC” CURRY and CLARK KENT have become close allies, which is exactly what brings the young man of the seven seas back to town following Clark’s disappearance at the start of Smallville’s eighth season. We catch up with actor Alan Ritchson to learn more about Aquaman’s return.

Another Sweet Song
When Black Canary came to town in Season 7’s Siren, it was clear that here was a lady who really knew how to make some noise. Using her sonic Canary Cry and mastery of martial arts, this blond bombshell was tricked into taking on both GREEN ARROW and Clark Kent until she saw the error of her ways. Talking to Smallville Magazine directly from the set of Season 8 opener Odyssey,Alaina Huffman reveals all about playing the glamorous first female member of Smallville’s nascent JUSTICE LEAGUE.

On With the Show
The departure of Alfred Gough and Miles Millar as executive producers of Smallville has meant that Kelly Souders, Brian Peterson, Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer have stepped up to oversee Clark’s adventures during the show’s eighth season. In the latest issue of Smallville Magazine, the quartet tells us what we should be looking forward to. Brian Peterson: ‘Lex’s disappearance is going to play a large role this season, but we have a lot of members of the future Justice League who will come to the show.’

Girl Talk
Ever since Clark Kent’s younger cousin Kara emerged from her 18-year slumber to discover that KRYPTON had been destroyed and she was stranded on Earth, she had to learn to fit in and to recognize that with her superhuman abilities came extra responsibilities…and trouble. Still, during her brief time in Smallville, she has proven to be a bona-fide hero. In the latest issue of Smallville Magazine, the charming and beautiful Laura Vandervort reflects on her high-flying season of adventures as SUPERGIRL.