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Sunday, May 19, 2019 


Item Number: Smallville31alt
Description: Smallville Magazine issue 31 variant Justin Hartley
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Smallville Magazine 31 (Variant Cover) Justin Hartley (Green Arrow)

100 pages of Smallville coverage!
As season eight returns to our TV screens, Smallville Magazine is back with a 100-page special issue! We bring you a sensational line-up of interviews with the Smallville cast, including Erica Durance (LOIS LANE), Justin Hartley (OLIVER QUEEN), Laura Vandervoort (KARA ZOR-EL) and Charlotte Sullivan (MAXIMA). Check out this page for the full lowdown on what’s inside.

Season Eight Episode Guide
Smallville Magazine looks back at the first half of season eight in the latest issue. With Clark starting his full-time career at the DAILY PLANET, his ultimate enemy DOOMSDAY appearing, and Chloe tying the knot, the latest season of Smallville is one of the most exciting yet!

Issue Spotlight
Erica Durance
“That’s the thing about Lois; she’ll stumble and fall, but she’ll always learn more about herself from it.” So says Erica Durance, whose character Lois Lane has blossomed from army brat to iconic Daily Planet reporter since her debut in Smallville. Don’t miss our revealing interview with the talented and beautiful actress in the latest issue of Smallville Magazine.

Shot Through The Heart: Justin Hartley
From playboy to super hero and guest character to regular, Oliver Queen has had quite a Smallville journey. As the second half of season eight continues, actor Justin Hartley tells the official Smallville Magazine about leeches, fear of heights, and the various loves of Ollie’s life: “Tess still wants him bad. She can’t help herself. It’s complex. There’s a lot of anger, a lot of hurt, a lot of disappointment between them. A lot of wanting and yearning make for a really good, unhealthy relationship to watch.”

Blood Relative: Laura Vandervoort
Transported to the PHANTOM ZONE in season seven, some might have thought Kara Zor-El would never be seen again. However, Clark’s cousin reappeared memorably in season eight’s Bloodline – actress Laura Vandervoort tells all about a darker, stronger Kara in the latest issue of Smallville Magazine: “It’s safe to say she had gone feral. Kara had been gone for so long, since time passes differently in the Phantom Zone. Kara’s been missing a while, which changed her personality. She’s a little more animal-like and at first it takes her a while to really trust Clark again.”

Martian Landing: Phil Morris
Actor Phil Morris tells Smallville Magazine about his regular visits to the show as JOHN JONES (the MARTIAN MANHUNTER). Find out how he feels about John losing his powers, why he’d like him to join the JUSTICE LEAGUE, and his unique affinity with Clark Kent: “The way I portray it, Kal-El is my student and I am his seefu, which is ‘teacher’ in Chinese. I feed off the paradigm with John. As intelligent and rational as he is, when push comes to shove, this guy’s going to push – and push hard – if you cross that line.”