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Sunday, May 19, 2019 


Item Number: Starburst307
Description: Starburst Magazine issue 307
Price: $25.00 USD

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Starbust Magazine issue 307 (Cover: Star Wars - Hayden Christensen)

Top 50 Sci-Fi Classics Prepare to cross Space and Time as we round up the best of the Sci-Fi world. From movies to books, TV to games, our top 50 guide crosses all the divides.

Fanning the flames of the upcoming movie, we go behind the scenes with star Ron Perlman as he sheds light on the fervent forces behind this comic-book conversion.

Mutant X
Head Writer Peter Mohan shares his plans for the third series. How will relationships be healed and the group reconvened? We’ve plenty of hints and plot lines inside. Victor Webster and Karen Cliche.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
Producer Barrie M Osborne on five years of Middle-earth mayhem, helping Peter Jackson steer this beast of a trilogy to success.

We delve into Lionel Luther’s murky motives with the help of actor John Glover. Will he blame all the family failings on Lex’s mother? Star Trek: Voyager
Nick Sagan, son of Carl, talks about his new novel, writing for the series, and how his voice ended up on the probe of the same name.

Alan Jones takes a look at new cinema releases, with Paycheck, Haunted Mansion, The Card Player and Fear X.

Our usual detailed look at all the new Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels, film and TV releases both new and old on DVD, and we check out the best new collectibles