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Saturday, May 25, 2019 


Item Number: Xboxmag0109
Description: The Official Xbox Magazine January 2009 with Demo Disc
Price: $12.00 USD

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The Official XBOX Magazine with XBOX 360 Demo Disc (Januaray 2009 Issue #92)

16-Page Halo Exclusive Coverage
Exclusive! The New Riddick Game

Demo Disc:
9 PLAYABLE - Age of Booty; Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway; Crazy Mouse; Domino Master; Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa; NBA 2K9; Pro Evolution Soccer 2009; Shadow Assault Tenchu; Tomb Raider Underworld

5 VIDEOS - Halo 3: Recon; Naruto: The Broken Bond; Resident Evil 5; Tekken 6; Tomb Raider Underworld

FEATURES - Tekken 6 (Art); Bayonetta (Art); Resident Evil: Degeneration (Art); Army National Guard (Promo & Warrior II video); OXM Universe; Backward-Compatibility Update; Review Roundup
LOCKED CONTENT - Left 4 Dead (gamer pics)