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Saturday, May 25, 2019 


Item Number: gqmag1109
Description: GQ Magazine Nov 2009 January Jones
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Barack Obama's Work in Progress
Long before he took the Oval Office, Barack Obama dreamed of being a professional writer. robert draper on how our president's literary past shapes his leadership today more >

Cover: Oh, Betty!
In Mad Men, January Jones plays a modest homemaker to Jon Hamm's hard-drinking womanizer. mark kirby knocks back a few beers with America's sexiest housewife and finds she's more than just a pretty wallflower more

Your Ride's Here
The auto industry has taken a hit, but that's only spurred carmakers to finally think outside the box. Five new designs that'll make you want to get behind the wheel again by kevin sintumuang more

The Perfectly Aged Weirdness of Zach Galifianakis
Some actors stumble upon instant stardom. For others it's an onerous trek. Filmed fifteen years after his days telling jokes in New York City hamburger joints, The Hangover has propelled America's finest underground comic to the top

Jerry Lee Lewis Will Not Go to Hell
In the '50s, he shocked America with never-ending scandals and an electrifying new sound. Five decades and six marriages later, Jerry Lee Lewis remains one of our most misunderstood rock 'n' roll legends. chris heath pays a visit to Nesbit, Mississippi, to see how the Killer is holding up

444 Days in the Dark: An Oral History of the Iran Hostage Crisis
In November 1979, students stormed the U.S. embassy in Tehran and took more than sixty Americans hostage. The fourteen-month nightmare, recounted by those who survived it more

Werner Herzog on his freakiest movie yet. Plus: the twentieth anniversary of Say Anything

The Two Faces of Tracy Morgan
With I Am the New Black, the 30 Rock star brings his own particular brand of crazy to bookstores everywhere. dan fierman goes mano a mano with TV's most anarchic comic talent over sex, SNL, and stand-up more >

The FedEx Meal Plan
Ever wish you could sample Chez Panisse's short ribs or authentic Malaysian prawn mee without having to get on a plane? Well, you can. But it'll cost you more than the price of shipping

Il Piccolo Paparazzo
He's paid to stalk Hollywood's elite through the dimly lit streets of L.A. And for 16-year-old Austin Visschedyk, one of the youngest working celebrity photographers today, there's nothing he'd rather be doing

The 50 Most Powerful People in D.C.
A new administration, a global economic crisis, and a heated battle over government-run health care have transformed the political landscape since GQ first ranked the men and women who run this country. Your updated guide to Washington's