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Monday, February 18, 2019 


Item Number: smallville25
Description: Smallville Magazine issue 25 variant Black Canary
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Smallville magazine issue #25, March/April 2008

  • Smallville Magazine - Exclusive variant cover

  • PLANET SMALLVILLE These are exciting times for the official Smallville Magazine – the show is back on our screens with perhaps the best season yet! We continue to celebrate the adventures of CLARK KENT with a bundle of exclusive interviews and behind the scenes features that no true Smallville fan can afford to miss!

  • The latest Smallville news, and interview BLACK CANARY actress Alaina Huffman, and the actor behind LIONEL LUTHOR, John Glover.

  • Alaina Huffman Black Canary takes flight in the new issue of Smallville Magazine! Super-hero fans let out a scream of excitement when it was announced that Black Canary would be soaring into the new season, continuing the show’s fine tradition of featuring strong female characters. Alaina Huffman discusses her role as Smallville’s newest hero.

  • Father Knows Best – John Glover It seems strange that, pre-Smallville, Lionel Luthor didn’t exist in comic book continuity. Seven years on and actor John Glover has created a truly memorable and complex character. Ahead of filming a particularly dramatic exit, he talked to Smallville Magazine about his time on the show: ‘It was initially a Friday and Monday of work, but they said they might have Lionel back in the future. I had no idea the story would be as rich as it turned out to be. They’ve done some incredible stuff with Lionel, stuff I would never have imagined.

  • Beyond Smallville Taking you beyond what you see on the TV, we look closely at the surprising links between Smallville and Camelot Falls, the recent blockbuster SUPERMAN story that poses tough questions about the MAN OF STEEL. We also talk to author Kevin J. Anderson about The Last Days of Krypton, a story set before the legend begins – and don’t miss your chance to WIN copies of the bestselling novel and Camelot Falls in this issue! Plus, we look back at the colorful history of the most popular guest hero to land in Smallville, GREEN ARROW.

  • Meet Team Smallville Fire! Fisticuffs! Explosions! Stabbings! Nope, that’s not the police blotter from a particularly bad part of town. It’s just a few of the many special effects on Smallville that fall under the jurisdiction of special effects supervisor Mike Walls. In the first of our new series looking at the geniuses who put our favorite show together, we meet the man who makes the effects so effective: ‘We’ve definitely had a fair amount of flying with Kara this year, but I’d love to develop a takeoff for Clark (Tom Welling). That’s a big thing for me, and I don’t know that we’ll get there – there is the mantra of ‘no tights, no flights.’’