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Saturday, May 25, 2019 


Item Number: smallvillemag26
Description: Smallville Magazine issue 26 Justin Hartley
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Smallville magazine issue #26, May/June 2008

  • Smallville Magazine - 100-page special
  • Featuring the first part of our unmissable season seven episode guide
  • Diamond Gallery Celebrating this special issue, full-page gallery of past exclusive covers of Smallville.

  • Interview with Justin Hartley (GREEN ARROW) When OLIVER QUEEN first appeared in Smallville, he and his alter ego – the Green Arrow – soon shot their way into fans’ hearts. Smallville Magazine talks to the Emerald Archer himself, Justin Hartley, who tells us about being hit by Cupid’s arrow with BLACK CANARY, Oliver’s rivalry with LEX LUTHOR, and why he said no to fighting in a towel! Plus, we chat to guest star Aaron Douglas – after passing through in season one’s "Obscura", the Battlestar Galactica actor revisits Smallville as Deputy Michael Birtigo in "Traveler"

  • Dressed to kill Costume designer Caroline Cranstoun tells all about dressing the stars of Smallville. Find out why Michael Rosenbaum looks so good, why Clark has 24 red jackets, and why Oliver was very nearly Robin Hood. Plus, in our regular ‘Meet Team Smallville’ feature, we go behind the scenes with props maestro Aleya Naiman, who gives us the lowdown on, in her words, “everything the actors touch.”

  • Before and After: Chloe Sullivan Sure, she might not (until recently) have amazing powers, and OK, she might struggle a little romantically as would-be suitors fall by the wayside in her quest for love, but CHLOE SULLIVAN is the kind of girl who is always happy to lend a helping hand to a friend and offer some witty words of wisdom. Her career as dedicated reporter and loyal friend has brought her full circle – in this issue we look at how she got from Smallville High Torch to the Daily Planet, and from school friendships to adult loyalties and love.

    Photos of: Tom Welling, Aaron Douglas, Aquaman - Alan Ritchson, Tom Welling, Kristin Kreuk, Super girl - Laura Vandervoort, Erica Durance, Allison Mack, etc.