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Saturday, May 25, 2019 


Item Number: wizard106
Description: Wizard Magazine 106 Witchblade Cover Yancy Butler
Price: $10.00 USD

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Wizard Magazine Issue 106 (Witchblade's Yancy Butler cover)

FREE UNIVERSE X Sketch Book by Alex Ross! Get a sneak peek into the inner workings of Marvel Comics' UNIVERSE X, the highly anticipated sequel to Earth X. This comic will feature a first look at the highly detailed character sketches illustrated by Alex Ross, the mastermind behind this amazing series! Plus, an all-new painted cover by ROSS!

Wizard: The Comics Magazine #106 is our SUPER SUMMER HEAT SPECTACULAR! Superstar painter Joe Jusko paints a dazzling image of Wolverine from the forthcoming X-MEN movie. Our X-Men movie countdown continues with more exclusive preview coverage from the set and info on the films dramatic new the special effects. This issue of Wizard will present a massive preview guide you through this summer's awesome events including the end of Garth Ennis' Preacher, the triumphant 100th issue of Todd McFarlane's Spawn, Grant Morrison's last comic book, Marvel Boy and the long-awaited arrival of Witchblade on television. Meet the actress who was selected to wear the Witchblade on the new TNT cable series–Yancy Butler in an exclusive Wizard Q&A interview. Yancy will also make her Wizard premiere appearance as Witchblade on the alternate photo cover to this issue. The Summer Heat theme rolls on as we present our first-ever superhero swimsuit gallery feature. Very hot babes on the beach by the hot artists like J.G. Jones, Joseph Linsner and others.

Get the latest news you need, along with the greatest coverage of every aspect of comic book entertainment. "Coming Attractions" will provide the most comprehensive updates of all the upcoming comic films and more! This month our price guide will include a special bonus collecting section....!!